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Educative Searcher is an excellent application for students who are usually using the internet as a tool to do their homework.

Basically, Educative Searcher will reduce the distance and work needed by the user to reach their objective of study, putting at his or her disposition the possibility to realize direct searches by using the major search engines available on the web.

Educative Searcher works in an independent format of a navigator, you need to have it open to realize your searches in any of its web specialties.

Also it includes encyclopedias, general searches, and links all amplifying your capacity to search to bring you the most responses.

Between all the web sites that you can consult in the web for information are Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Wikipedia, MSN Encarta, InfoPlease, Enciclopedia Miguel de Cervantes, Wolfram MathWorld, Dictionary.com, OneLook, etc.

You need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be able to use this application correctly .

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